Fully decentralised on-chain casino.
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Low House Edge
Our extremely low house edge gives you significantly better odds compared to traditional casinos. With a low house edge, you have a much better chance of winning big at ZKasino than on any other platform!
We do not require user registration, KYC, or funds to be deposited. Simply connect and place bets straight from your wallet. There is no way for us to limit, hold or steal your funds like a regular casino would!
Provably Fair Betting
Our bet results are backed by Chainlink VRF and transparent odds are displayed publicly in our game smart contracts, so you can trust that every spin and deal is completely fair and random.

Feedback, Support and Bug Reports

If you have any feedback, need support, or want to report bugs, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on our Discord channel. We are always happy to hear from our players and strive to improve the experience for everyone.