Welcome to ZKasino

Alpha Release on zkSync 2.0 Testnet

ZKasino is a decentralized casino built on Layer 2 ZK-Rollups technology allowing for infinite scalability whilst keeping optimal decentralization and security from the Ethereum network.

How to Play?

1. Connect Wallet
Press Connect Wallet in the top-right corner to connect your Metamask wallet.
2. Get Testnet ETH
Get some testnet ETH through our faucet to pay gas fees.
3. Mint ZKUSD
Use ZKUSD (ZKasino USD) to play the games.
Must have less than 1 ZKUSD.
4. Play!
Choose a game and play to your heart's content.

Have fun and thank you for testing!

ZKasino Tip
For a better casino experience, turn off your browser or device notifications during playing. You can also add the diamond contract address to your address book (contacts) in Metamask.
Feedback, Support and Bug Reports
If you would like to share any ideas, need support or want to report bugs that you find during this testing phase, please do so in our Discord.